3: World History

1M: Northern Ren / Protestant Ref

Unit 1: Renaissance & Protestant Reformation Notes

The Slides presentation above is a completed copy of notes for the first unit, the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation. Please let me know if there are any issues with the sharing settings or if you have questions.

World @ 1500 ANS KEY

Unit 2: World @ 1500 & Exploration

The document above contains completed notes for the World @ 1500.

P3 Exploration Class Notes 2020-2021

Unit 2: Exploration

The document above contains completed notes for Exploration.

Colonization Ans Key P3

Unit 3: Colonization Notes

Empires Notes 2020-2021

Unit 4: Empires and Emperors

Constitutionalism, Scientific Revolution, and Enlightenment

Constitutionalism, Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment

The above document has class notes for Constitutionalism, the Scientific Revolution & the Enlightenment

French Revolution 2020-2021 - ANS

French Revolution

Click on the above document to see our class notes on the French Revolution.

More Revolutions - Barto notes

Haitian & Latin American Revolutions

Agricultural & Industrial Revolution 2021 - STUDENT

Agricultural & Industrial Revolution