Course Description

Course Description:

U.S. History II is a year-long course in which we will relate historical concepts to our daily lives. Students will build their academic and social skills through daily assignments and larger projects.

Students will be graded on their class participation, completion of assignments, and ability to meet individualized requirements of assignments. Starting in the second quarter, grades will be calculated using a point system.

Q2 Theme: Identifying Problems and Solutions

Students will be looking at problems they have experienced and identifying possible solutions. We will continue with this theme and identify problems that occur during lunch and how those issues may be solved. To end our study of this theme, we will look at problems that arise during periods of urbanization and how those problems have been solved.

Q3 Theme: Conflicts and Compromises

Students will be learning about the causes and tactics of World War I. In addition, we will spend time learning about why the United States got involved in the war and how people at home contributed to the war effort.

Q4 Theme: Equality and Identity

Students will be learning about the culture of the 1920s and 1930s. While looking at the 1920s, we will look at the development of America's consumer culture, new inventions, and social changes. We will consider the importance of financial responsibility and how the Great Depression affected everyday life and American culture during the 1930s.